Oxblood Lips

I’ve been obsessed with everything in oxblood for quite some time now, and this fixation has bleed over to my lips (pun intended). Oxblood lips are extremely bold, sexy, and an updated twist to the classic red. You definitely need confidence to pull off this look. Keep the rest of your makeup natural and to a minimum -- your lips are the statement here. For something this bold, I prefer to use a lip brush so that you can layer on the colour as much or as little as you want. You can also use your fingers to dab it on for a more subtle look, or apply directly from the tube for something more dramatic. I used Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick Creme in Black Cherry 447, which you can find here.

Lip prep: moisturize before applying any lipstick

Using a lip brush provides precise coverage

Layer on colour to your liking


Macadamia Crusted Mahi Mahi

This post is long overdue. I had originally planned this as part of my Hawaiian themed week a while back, but life got a little crazy so I am posting this now. The first time we tried mahi mahi (a Hawaiian fish) was on our last night at the Grand Hyatt in Kauai. Flaky and tender, this beautiful fish was so juicy and had a macadamia crust that was to die for. It was quite simply the best meal to end our wonderful trip. The boyfriend then made this dish for me on my last birthday and we decided to recreate it for our Kauai themed weekend. It was just as perfect (if not better) than I remembered. Beautifully golden on top, the crust had amazing crunch, texture, and was packed full of flavour. We had this along with the mango, pineapple and papaya salsa we made here and the entire meal was truly a Hawaiian delight and brought us right back to our favourite place on earth. This is such a simple, yet beautiful and sophisticated dish that’s perfect for any special occasion. 

We adjusted the cooking time for the mahi mahi. Use this as a guideline: for every inch of mahi mahi, bake for 10 minutes. Ours were slightly thicker than 1 inch so we cooked it for approxmiately 13 minutes, then broiled it for an additional 2-3 minutes, keeping a close eye to ensure the crust didn't burn.


Fall Trend: Floral

Who says florals are only reserved for spring? This fall, the floral trend is surprisingly in full bloom with a darker, edgier and moodier tone. Mixed with different patterns, fabrics and a darker colour palette, fall florals are more intricate and textured, creating a luxurious and splendor feel. It has a deeper, broodier romantic element seeping through and I love that it can still be feminine and fun.