Mixing, Mingling & Baking with Stonewall Kitchen

As much as I love to bake, I don’t do it that often. So when I got the opportunity to bake some delicious treats using products from Stonewall Kitchen, I immediately jumped at the chance. A speciality food producer based in York, Maine, Stonewall makes homemade jams, sauces, condiments and baking mixes, using natural, high-quality ingredients. 

Hosted by Christine Tizzard, a chef, food stylist, and cookbook author, we spent the afternoon at Kitchen 24 baking goodies such as pancakes, mini donuts, waffles, and scones. We made different versions of the baked goods, then put our food styling skills to the test by playing around with various props, dressing up the food, and making them look pretty. Food needs to look good for their close-up too. 

The products were incredibly easy to whip up and since they’re boxed mixes, they’re perfectly conveniently for those days when you want something homemade but just don’t feel like making it entirely from scratch. There’s no shame in taking a little shortcut, especially when the end result is still equally as good! They even have some gluten free options as well, like their cinnamon sugar donuts which when drizzled (or in my case doused) with their dulce de leche sauce, is absolute heaven.

I left the class with my creativity fuelled and feeling inspired to bake more. Good thing we received a little goody bag filled with Stonewall Kitchen baking mixes and jams -- I’ll definitely be whipping up a batch or two of their fluffy pancakes and blueberry scones when my sweet tooth strikes next (which is right about now).

Photos by: Josh Tenn-Luk courtesy of Stonewall Kitchen