Peach Crisp

As peaches are in full swing right now, I’ve been taking advantage of this juicy fruit and buying baskets full of them. I wanted to bake something with them but didn't want something quite as heavy as a pie, so when I saw this recipe for peach crisp I knew it was a winner. It's also vegan as I wanted a healthier version, and it is just so delish and comforting. I didn't have brown rice syrup, so I substituted it with 3/8 cup + 1 tablespoon of maple syrup. This peach crisp is a hearty little dessert and is also great for breakfast or brunch, topped with a huge dollop of vanilla ice cream of course.


An Indian Affair to Remember

Before I went to London, I knew my friend's wedding was going to be spectacular. But I had no idea how magical and exciting it would truly be. As my first Indian wedding I wasn't sure what to expect. It's more than just the wedding day itself; there was an event every day leading up to the big day. The entire extravaganza was filled with lots of glitz and glam, music and dancing, and more Indian food than I’ve ever consumed in my entire life. 

The actual wedding day was so beautiful and flawless from start to finish. For the morning Hindu ceremony, I wore a stunning sari as seen here, along with 8 other bridesmaids. We danced the night away at the reception and it felt reminiscent of our partying days at university (minus the Indian music). One of my favourite parts of the night turned out to be the flashmob I unwillingly participated in. But the best part of all was celebrating with my friends and the new bride who looked absolutely gorgeous -- she was the epitome of an Indian princess.

There are so many wonderful memories I will never forget and I've never seen my friend look more happy and radiant. I was so glad I was able to go to London and beyond honoured and thrilled that I got to be part of her special day. It was truly a wedding to remember.

Dancing at the saanji

Bridesmaids with the new bride & groom

Wedding ceremony


The new bride and groom

Macaron tower

More dancing

Roomies from university


Hakkasan Heaven

On the eve of the wedding we were whisked off to some fine dining at Hakkasan, an upscale modern Chinese restaurant in the west end of London. It was an experience unlike any other. From the decor, the food, and the service, everything was extremely top-notch. It is a Micheline star restaurant after all. The moment you walk in you are greeted with a posh and classy atmosphere, comprised of wooden screens and dark oak with black and gold panels.

Being Chinese, I’ve consumed more Chinese food to hold me over in my next life. But this food wasn't your typical sweet and sour pork; it was Chinese food creatively elevated with a modern twist. We shared a variety of dishes including a crispy duck salad with grapefruit and shallots, fried pumpkin tofu, grilled Chilean seabass in honey, stir-fry lotus root with asparagus and lily bulb, spicy prawns, lamb chops, seared scallops, and more delectable dishes that I can’t even remember. Everything was cooked perfectly and was so flavourful and tasty.

By the end of the night, I was so insanely stuffed but I couldn't stop eating because everything was just so damn good. It probably didn't help that I pretty much ate the entire duck salad because I thought it was mine (don't judge). When the desserts arrived my stomach seemed to magically expand because it knew it had to make room. Especially when it consisted of chocolate mousse with fruit, a chocolate drizzled rice krispie ball and macarons. 

If you live in London or are planning a trip there, I highly recommend checking out Hakkasan if you can afford it. It's not cheap but well worth it. It was by far one of the best meals (and food comas) I've ever had. I can't thank my friend's brother enough for organizing this and treating us all to an unforgettable experience. 


Fall Trend: Plaid Power

Summer is dwindling down and although I’m not quite ready to say goodbye to tanks and shorts just yet, I’m looking forward to what the fall season has to bring. And one of the trends its bringing is plaid. I’ve never been a huge fan of plaid; it always seemed too masculine or preppy for me. It also reminds me of my high school days where I had to wear a stuffy kilt. However, after looking around at some plaid pieces, I’m beginning to embrace this patterned trend. Gone are the boring and preppy schoolgirl days; with the right style, it can look rather chic and feminine with a bit of an edge.


Sari Style

I was one of nine bridesmaids for my friend's wedding in London (yes nine, it was an Indian wedding after all). For the ceremony, we wore the most beautiful royal purple and magenta sari with gold accents and embellishments. The colours and detailing are simply gorgeous. If you're not familiar with what a sari is, it's a long strip of unstitched cloth that is draped over the body in various styles and a blouse worn on top, cropped at the midriff. Surprisingly, I managed to not trip walking in it with five inch heels no less (which is a feat in itself). It was my first time wearing a sari and I felt like an Indian princess for the day. 


Snog Frozen Yogurt

When walking around London's Covent Garden, we saw a bunch of girls with delicious looking frozen yogurts in their hands. Intrigued, we followed the froyo trail that led us to Snog (love the name). It's similar to other froyo shops that have been popping around everywhere, except that it's on crack. As soon as you walk in, you are greeted with bright colours everywhere. From the neon pink sign, to the animal wall art, to my favourite, the iridescent rainbow coloured lights on the ceiling, the entire vibe is just so fun and cheeky. 

Snog is pure frozen yogurt that’s not only super delish but super healthy (made from non-fat organic yogurt and organic skimmed milk, and sweetened with agave nectar). A counter filled with yummy toppings such as chocolate, candy, nuts and fresh fruit are on display. And with various yogurt flavours like green tea, strawberry, natural, and chocolate, the combination of snogs are endless. We ended up getting passion fruit with mangoes on top. The yogurt was lovely: smooth, sweet and very flavourful. It was the perfect treat on a hot summer day. I love a good snog.


Summer Trend: Crop Top

One of this season’s hottest and most popular trends is the crop top. It’s been cropping up everywhere (easy pun, I had to) and is one of my favourite styles for summer. Not everyone is a fan of this look though and it can be daunting to reveal your midsection; however, when worn correctly, it can look super chic, tasteful and sexy (rock hard abs not a requirement). There are many styles of the crop top and various ways to wear it but my favourite way is paired with a high-waisted skirt or pants. It shows just enough of your midriff without barring it all. The key is not to reveal too much skin. You want to look classy, not trashy. You can even take an existing top or sleeveless blouse and tie the ends up into a knot. Summer isn't over just yet. Dare to show a little extra skin while you still can.


Powder Blue

One of my favourite spots in London was Covent Garden. It’s a chic and trendy area with tons of shops and restaurants.  Walking around we discovered an alleyway with giant hoops of butterflies hanging from above. It became a wonderful backdrop for an impromptu little photo shoot.  As much as I love bright, bold colours for summer, there's something about the combination of light on light that's fresh, airy and sophisticated. The powder blue colour of my sleeveless blouse is simply gorgeous and pairs so perfectly with white jeans, especially when I got them at 50% from Rag & Bone.

H&M Sleeveless Blouse | Rag & Bone jeans (similiar here)| Zigi NY sandals | Target necklace