Sydney Views -- Ferry Edition


A visit to Sydney would not be complete without partaking in one of the city's quintessential experiences there -- a captivating ferry ride across the harbour. My cousin insisted we take a ferry to Watsons Bay, a vibrant fishing village overlooking the Sydney Harbour (a more detailed post on Watsons Bay to come). Leaving from Circular Quay, the journey across the harbour, albeit a bit bumpy, is a fun and serene one. How could it not be -- the spectacular views of the iconic Opera House and the Harbour Bridge make for a picturesque backdrop that's simply unmatched.



Fig Tartlets

Aside from pumpkin, figs are one of my favourite fall foods. There’s something wonderfully luxurious about fresh figs, bursting with a decadent and delicate sweetness. I made these fig tartlets, made with puff pastry and topped with pistachios, a drizzling of coconut nectar, and finished with a sprinkling of desiccated coconut. As an option, I added droplets of goat cheese on some for an extra layer of richness and tanginess. Sweet and sticky, these fig tartlets are delightfully delicious and almost too pretty to eat. Almost. But that won’t matter once you take that first gooey bite. Make these for your next party appetizer and your guests will be sure to thank you.


I Heart Nick Carter

When your favourite Backstreet Boy and a New Kid on the Block come to town, there’s only one logical thing to do: start fangirling. Not only did I see Nick Carter and Jordan Knight perform in concert in Toronto last week, but I also got to meet the blond heartthrob that has captured my heart since I was 12. The dynamic duo, otherwise known as Nick & Knight, recorded an album together and are currently touring North America.

I met Nick before the show and although I’ve met him countless times before, each experience is always wondrous. I purchased a VIP package (fittingly named I Heart Nick Carter), which included a little Q & A session with him, an item of our choice signed, a professional photo taken with him, and a selfie (or two –- I went back for greedy seconds).

There’s something about Nick that is strikingly infectious, a charm that pulls you in like a warm embrace. From the moment I met him, he couldn’t seem to stop smiling at me, in that magnetic way that makes you feel exceptionally special. He also kept telling me I was beautiful and that I looked really nice, which made me melt instantly. I was on cloud Nick and I was relishing in every moment.

The concert also did not disappoint. Nick and Knight are such talented performers, evident in a show that was exhilarating and entertaining. With slick dance moves, catchy songs (including a few BSB and New Kids throwbacks), and many satisfying pelvic thrusts, the concert was a perfect harmony of fun and seductive.

I only wish I could relive the whole experience One MoreTime (Nick & Knight reference) –- of a day enveloped with such wonderful moments that made me, if possible, Heart Nick Carter that much more.