An Indian Affair to Remember

Before I went to London, I knew my friend's wedding was going to be spectacular. But I had no idea how magical and exciting it would truly be. As my first Indian wedding I wasn't sure what to expect. It's more than just the wedding day itself; there was an event every day leading up to the big day. The entire extravaganza was filled with lots of glitz and glam, music and dancing, and more Indian food than I’ve ever consumed in my entire life. 

The actual wedding day was so beautiful and flawless from start to finish. For the morning Hindu ceremony, I wore a stunning sari as seen here, along with 8 other bridesmaids. We danced the night away at the reception and it felt reminiscent of our partying days at university (minus the Indian music). One of my favourite parts of the night turned out to be the flashmob I unwillingly participated in. But the best part of all was celebrating with my friends and the new bride who looked absolutely gorgeous -- she was the epitome of an Indian princess.

There are so many wonderful memories I will never forget and I've never seen my friend look more happy and radiant. I was so glad I was able to go to London and beyond honoured and thrilled that I got to be part of her special day. It was truly a wedding to remember.

Dancing at the saanji

Bridesmaids with the new bride & groom

Wedding ceremony


The new bride and groom

Macaron tower

More dancing

Roomies from university

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