Take a Leap

Today is not only the last day of February but is also Leap Day. Leap Year leaps in once every four years on February 29. This extra day is added to keep the calendar and the seasons in sync. Having an extra 24 hours is a good reminder to take time and do something you wouldn’t normally do or don’t usually have time for. Celebrate some me time, or do something adventurous or out of your norm. My friend is (unwillingly) partaking in her first speed dating event tonight – coincidence - or hilarious? Maybe today’s the day to take a leap of faith and you’ll fall ever so gracefully on your feet. Or find a cute little frog to smooch. I can hear my friend laughing now. And speaking of, I seem to be in a bit of a frog mood right now. So take some green amphibian inspiration below. But whatever it is you do, enjoy this ribbit-tastic day.

Lily pads in Alqonquin

Cute froggie cookies. Recipe here
Even cuter froggie pops! Recipe here
Who could forget the loveable Kermit? Kermit nails here

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