Toasted Barley Salad

Recently we had some very lovely guests over for an impromptu dinner and we wanted something that was not only quick to put together, but equally as affordable and tasty.  We had made this delicious toasted barley salad with tomatoes, zucchini, and corn once and thought it would be just right. This time, however, we added some red peppers for that extra crisp crunch, and I think making it the second time around was even better than the first. I love the idea of toasting both the barley and the corn as it really brings out the flavour and gives it a nice texture. This is by far one of my favourite barley dishes -- it's fresh, delightfully light and bursting with vibrant colour. It's also great for leftovers the next day; the flavours are even more intoxicating if that's possible. Check back tomorrow to see what we served as an appetizer to go along with this yummy goodness.

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  1. Going to give this recipe a try, sounds fantastic! Thanks Tiffany