Aloha Kauai

My favourite sunset at Tunnels Beach

As some of you may already know, the boyfriend and I took our first trip to the beautiful island of Kauai in Hawaii this time last year. We fell in love with everything the island had to offer and since our return, we have been dreaming of the day we can revisit and relive the most magical experience. To commemorate this anniversary, we decided to bring Kauai to us and have a fun-filled weekend with Hawaiian food and drinks, music, hikes, and watching surfing documentaries and The Descendants (the movie was filmed in Kauai and Oahu but who needs an excuse to watch George Clooney?) Over the next few weeks, I will be dedicating my posts to all things Hawaiian inspired so be sure to check back often. For now, here's a glimpse of what our extraordinary trip consisted of.


Boat Tour to the Na Pali Coast

Taro fields in Hanalei Valley (the quaint town we stayed in)
One of the best dinners we've made: grilled opah with mango/pineapple/papaya salsa
Gorgeous view of Na Pali Coast

A Jurassic Park view on our hike

Poke: A raw fish salad that is a traditional and delicious Hawaiian dish 
The boyfriend and I at Waimea Canyon (The Grand Canyon of the Pacific)

Dining at the Grand Hyatt on our last night

Doors Off Helicopter Tour -- one of the most surreal experiences

Cotton candy clouds

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