Sparkling at Swarovski's Sea of Sparkle Collection SS16

In the midst of World MasterCard Fashion Week last week, Swavorski unveiled their upcoming Spring/Summer 2016 collection appropriately entitled “Sea of Sparkle”. Inspired by the world’s beautiful seas and oceans, the collection sparkled with vibrant shades of turquoise, aquamarine and bold pinks. I was instantly transported to an under-the-sea world, practically belting out the “Under the Sea” song from the Little Mermaid along the way. I just needed a cute mermaid costume and a singing crab. Suffice to say, I was in a fairytale state, mesmerized by all the gorgeous ocean-inspired hues. 

There was even the cutest little crystal figurines consisting of animals, cartoon characters and even characters from Frozen and Alice in Wonderland. Sadly, no Ariel or Sebastian though. Or even Flounder. Clearly, I’m still on this Little Mermaid train. Even so, the Sea of Sparkle collection is truly a stunning one, celebrating the beauty of nature and bringing a pop of colour and sparkle to any occasion.

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