Flip A Coin Tapas & Bar

Coming from a Chinese background, I can be rather picky when it comes to Asian cuisine. Don’t even get me started on Mandarin, Manchu Wok, or Spoon and Fork. If you like any of those places we cannot be friends. Many Asian fusion restaurants have popped up over recent years, but none have really impressed me. They seemed a little gimmicky and lacked flavour and authenticity.

Enter Flip A Coin, a new Asian tapas restaurant and bar, the first of its kind in Port Credit, Mississauga. Dark and beautifully moody, the d├ęcor evokes a modern Asian flair, from the lovely paintings on the wall, to the oil-paper umbrellas that hang from the ceiling, with accents of red throughout the restaurant.

Their boldness is also reflected in the tapas, in an array of tantalizing, authentic flavours with a modern twist. I hungrily got a taste of their menu before their grand opening last Saturday and everything was fresh, delicious, and beautifully presented. One of my favourite dishes is their Kick-Ass Poutine, with sweet potato fries, eggplant, pulled pork, house gravy, and cheese curds. Not your average poutine, this one has an Asian spin and is definitely kick-ass.

Other standout dishes include the Umami Fried Rice with kimchi, brown rice, egg, and veggies, Seared Duck with smoked duck breast, edamame, grilled mushrooms, and a chocolate berry sauce on a Chinese bun, and finger lickin' Pork Ribs. The bold medley of flavours in all their dishes work perfectly together and every bite was simply delectable. This is real Asian fusion as its finest.

Their Asian inspired cocktails are also not to be missed, and with names like Yogurt Tokyo, Tiger on the Beach, and Mr. and Mrs. Margarita, you’d wish it was cocktail hour all day. If you’re in the Mississauga area, or are simply craving good Asian food with a twist, definitely check out Flip A Coin!


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