Sydney's Royal Botanical Gardens

Everywhere you look, beauty surrounds us. Sometimes it’s so strikingly palpable; other times it can touch us in a subtle, more subdued way. The beauty of the Royal Botanical Gardens in Sydney boasts a balance of the two -- its stunning splendour leaves you in awe, from the vast oasis of the lush greenery to the intimate details, colours and textures of the flowers and plants. Situated at the edge of Sydney Harbour, the gardens are home to an impressive collection of plants from Australia and overseas. 

I walked around the garden for hours, taking in the natural beauty at every turn and breathing in the fresh garden air. I’ve never seen such stunning and exotic plants, nor experienced a more relaxing and serene stroll. I ventured all the way up the hill, overlooking the incredible views of the harbour -- the perfect way to cap off the day.

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