Velvet Crush

I never thought I’d be a fan of velvet. Since last wearing it in the 90s in probably some ugly form of a dress that my mother forced upon me, I was glad when the trend faded away and I never had to lay eyes on it again. That is, until now. Velvet has made a huge comeback this season, and this time around, I am surprisingly all over it. The hideous, granny like velvet that I remember has been replaced by a more elegant, stylish version and I just can’t get enough. This Zara dress is my first foray into velvet again and is the perfect crushed velvet attire. The dark pink colour is so beautifully multifaceted and makes for a great holiday look. Unfortunately, this colour is no longer available; however, there is a lovely mustard version that's still available. Oh velvet, I am simply crushing on you and I apologize for all my years of disdain. You now have a place in my heart.

Dress: Zara | Booties: Nine West Canada