Red Hot for Spring

When it’s been -25 degrees out this past week, it’s suffice to say that I am more than over this frigid winter. In an effort to hurry along the arrival of warmer weather, I’ve been lusting over spring clothes and these red hot pants from Bardot caught my eye. The other day, I blogged about them over at Blossom Everyday and styled a classic look by pairing it with a black and white printed top. This time, I’m amping up the wow factor by doing colour on colour. The combination of cobalt and red is striking and makes for a bold, sexy statement. I love playing around with colours and spring is the perfect time to experiment with it (whenever it decides to arrive).

1 comment:

  1. I just love this color combo! And that lipstick!!
    I really hope spring is coming soon, because I haven't worn pumps in months.